Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie
Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Council of the Polish EMR Group and the Local Organizing Committee, I am pleased to invite all of you, who share interest in scientific developments in the area of EMR/EPR/ESR and practical applications of these techniques, to participate in the VI Forum EMR-PL, to be held in Szczecin, Poland, 2 - 5 June 2020. The VI Forum EMR-PL is organized, as all previous meetings, under the auspices of the Polish EMR Group.
Note that the inaugural First Forum EMR-PL was held in Rzeszów, 19-21 May 2010. Hence, the Sixth Forum is very special, since we will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our existence.
Detailed information on the VI Forum EMR-PL may be found on website: <>, whereas information on the activities of the Polish EMR Group on: <>. The Registration forms in Polish and in English can be downloaded from: <>. For your information, please note the Important Deadlines:

□ REGISTRATION - 15.03.2020
□ PAYMENT - 30.04.2020
□ PROGRAM - 18.05.2020

We are pleased to announce that this year the following people from neighboring countries have accepted our invitation as Plenary Invited Speakers at VI Forum EMR-PL:
Dr. Peter Neugebauer
Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC)
Magneto-Optical and THz Spectroscopy Research Group
Brno, Czech Republic
Prof. Vlasta Brezova
Slovak University of Technology
Institute of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics
Bratislava, Slovakia

My sincere thanks go to Prof. Nikos Guskos, Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee, and all members of his team for their tremendous efforts of bring our colleagues to Szczecin for the VI Forum EMR-PL. Looking forward to see many participants in Szczecin.

Czesław Rudowicz
Chairman, the Polish EMR Group
on behalf of the Council of the PG EMR