Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie
Dear Colleagues,
 Further to our Fifth circular the VI EMR-PL Forum of 16 Feb. 21, on behalf of the Council of the Polish EMR Group and the Local Organizing Committee, we would like to inform you about current perspectives. In spite of the subsequent waves of Covid pandemic, we favour the option of organization of the next Forum as a stationary conference, i.e. in person, at the West Pomeranian University of Technology [WPUT] in Szczecin. Please note that, at this exceptional time, the organizers of any stationary conference at the WPUT need to obtain a formal approval from the University authorities. Hence, this circular should be considered as a tentative proposal aimed at gauging the expectations of the Polish EMR community.

We propose the following timing options: 26 (Sun) – 29 (Wed) June 2022, or alternatively 4 (Sun) – 7 (Wed) or 7 (Wed) – 10 (Sat) September 2022. Please indicate your preference by email asap. This will allow us to select the best option depending on the availability of venue. Your prompt response would be much appreciated.

Moreover, it seems unlikely, judging by the current policy in Poland, that any time soon we will have a legal basis to require the participants to provide a proof of either a negative test result, a vaccination certificate, or recovering from Covid. As organizers we can only strive to provide you safe sanitary conditions at the Forum venue. Nevertheless, we do strongly recommend having such proofs since then it would be much safer to convene the VI EMR-PL Forum. For information purpose only, we include an optional question on the status of protection against Covid in Registration Form.

For your information, please note the tentative Deadlines:
□ REGISTRATION - 14.03.2022
□ PAYMENT - 30.04. 2022
□ PROGRAM - 20.05. 2022

We are pleased to announce that one researcher of the two persons invited in 2020 as Plenary Invited Speakers at VI Forum EMR-PL has confirm the participation (provided the circumstances will allow):
Dr. Peter Neugebauer
Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC)
Magneto-Optical and THz Spectroscopy Research Group
Brno, Czech Republic

Due to the fact that the fifth wave of Covid-19 (Omicron variant) is fast approaching, it is not known how it will be in June. We will review the situation in early May 2022 and if the June or September option is not viable because of official restrictions, then the VI EMR-PL Forum will be postponed again.
Further information on the VI Forum EMR-PL may be found on website: <>, whereas information on the activities of the Polish EMR Group on: <>. The Registration Form in Polish and in English can be downloaded from: <>.
Best regards,

Czesław Rudowicz, Niko Guskos
Chairman, Polish EMR Group Chairman, LOC, VI EMR-PL Forum

Optional question on the status of protection against Covid:
(a) negative test result
(b) vaccination certificate:
(c) recovered from Covid: