Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie

Eights Circular the VI EMR-PL Forum


Dear Colleagues,

 This is an update to the Seventh Circular the VI EMR-PL Forum of 11 April 2022 and the email message from the LOC sent on 30 May 2022. Due to extraordinary circumstances caused by uncertainty about the development of pandemic, the process of organization of the VI Forum has been much harder and prone to delays. In view of current situation, we have extended the deadlines as follows.


 □ REGISTRATION*                                  27 June 2022

* Only title of the presentation and category (oral, poster on-site, or virtual poster) is required – see the template provided on the website.

NOTE: To gather the information on expected number of participants, please register your interest asap, but not later than by 27 June 2022. Only having your firm commitment, we will be able to finalize key financial aspects, especially concerning, e.g. catering and boat trip (lunch).




#  One-page Abstract prepared according to the template provided on the website in the form suitable for reproduction in the Book of Abstracts is required.

* At this step late registrations will be also accepted.

 □ ABSTRACT ACCEPTANCE                                  Monday, 18.07.2022 r. 
PAYMENT$                                                         Monday, 25.07.2022

$ Bank account will be provided in the Payment Form provided on the website.

 □ PROGRAM                                                          Monday, 22.08.2022

 Important Information:

1.      Based on the submitted Abstracts a few presentations will be selected in the category of Invited Presentations.

2.      Tentative duration of the presentations:

* Plenary:       45 min + 5 min for discussion

* Invited:        35 min + 5 min for discussion

* Oral:             20 min + 5 min for discussion

3.      For people who are not able to participate in the Forum on-site, we intend to organize a "Virtual poster session", so that they can share their research with other participants. If this option is selected, no conference fee will be necessary. However, the authors are requested to send us a printed copy of their poster for display during the posters session. We regret that we cannot cover the costs of printing the posters on-site. Participants of the "Virtual poster session", in addition to obligatory One-page Abstract, may also send their poster(s) in *pdf file, which will be available on the VI Forum website. During the posters session, the authors should be available for discussion on-line. Technical details will be worked out after we gather participants’ interest in this option.

4.      Mini-grants will be available to cover partially or fully the conference fee for researchers, who due to financial constraints could not otherwise attend the VI EMR-PL Forum. Please send a brief application to Czesław Rudowicz at <>.

5.      We plan to organize during the VI EMR Forum in Szczecin a promotional stand for NOVILET and special presentation of the company's achievements in EMR instrumentation.

6.      Prof. Stefaniuk as the Editor of the Guest Editor, cordially invites the participants to submit a manuscript for consideration and possible publication in the Special Issue on “Research of Magnetic Resonance in Material Science” to be published in the highly-ranked journal MATERIALS. Prof. Stefaniuk has been negotiating with the MDPI publishers the best reduced fees, which will have to be covered by the authors. Please let us know if you are interested in this option.

7.      RODO information clause for participants of the VI EMR-PL Forum in Szczecin will be posted on the website.

8.      All Registration Forms can be downloaded from the website:


Best regards,
Looking forward to see in Szczecin.


Czesław Rudowicz                                                    Danuta Piwowarska & Grzegorz Leniec
                                         On behalf of
The Polish EMR Group        
                                         The LOC, VI EMR-PL Forum